Personal Care

Care tailored to your personal needs

We understand that personal care is often the most difficult type of help for you to accept.

Our qualified, respectful Care Assistants are experienced in supporting adults with their personal care, ensuring dignity and respect is maintained at all times. We will encourage and assist you to maintain your independence as much as possible. Our Care Assistants are understanding and empathetic.

They know that every Service User is an individual, with unique personal needs, preferences and values. You will have a personalised care plan to suit your specific requirements and we will only provide the services that you have specifically asked for. Your family members can be involved if you wish.

We can assist with a variety of personal care tasks, including the following:

Personal Care

Starting the day

We can assist you with; showering, washing, getting dressed and having breakfast. This also includes using the toilet. 


Help with grooming

Hair washing, drying and styling, shaving (electric only) and personal hygiene. 

Live in Care

Getting ready for bed

We are happy to assist you to undress and get into bed 

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