Bespoke homecare services

Homecare Services

Clarity Homecare brings the warmth of care to your doorstep, supporting thousands of seniors to live safely and independently in the comfort of their own homes. With our wide range of homecare services, you can experience high-quality personalised care alongside the joy of your familiar surroundings.

Homecare Services

We provide bespoke homecare services that cater to each customer’s unique needs. Our expert-led team of care professionals promote happiness and independence while ensuring your loved one is safe and comfortable in their own home.

A compassionate nurse provides personal care by assisting an elderly woman with medication management. They are seated together on a bed in a home-like setting, with the nurse in a blue uniform offering a teal pill organizer to the woman. The patient, wearing a light teal top, carefully selects a pill from the box, indicating a moment of attentive healthcare assistance in a comfortable and well-lit bedroom.

Personal Care

Our personal care services support individuals with the daily tasks required to maintain good personal hygiene, health and appearance. Our courteous care professionals respect the dignity of our service users at all times, promoting independence while providing compassionate support.

Home Help and Housekeeping

Our skilled care professionals expertly manage routine household tasks, shopping and meal preparation, ensuring you have more time and freedom to relish the pleasures of your life at home.

A smiling housekeeper wearing a dark blue polo shirt with a 'Clarity' logo stands in front of a bright window, holding a yellow microfiber cloth in one hand and a white spray bottle in the other. She's wearing pink rubber gloves and appears ready to engage in cleaning tasks. The background shows a lush green outdoor scene through the window, suggesting a well-maintained home environment. This image captures the essence of professional home help and housekeeping services.
Two women share a moment of companionship in a bright kitchen setting. The elder woman, wearing glasses and a joyful smile, holds a mug adorned with heart patterns, while her companion, in a blue vest and glasses resting on her head, also enjoys a cup of coffee. They are seated at a wooden table with a bowl of fruit in the background, embodying a warm and friendly atmosphere that highlights the importance of companionship care for wellbeing.

Companionship Care​

At Clarity Homecare, we know how difficult loneliness can be. Our care professionals are here to help, providing friendly companionship and building connections that make life happier and more enjoyable.

Live-in Care

Clarity Homecare offers professional Live-in care services. A well-matched care professional is available 24/7 to cater to all care requirements. Ensuring your loved one is safe and comfortable as they enjoy living independently in their own home.

Live-In Caregiver Serving Meal with a Smile

Respite Care

At Clarity, we recognise how important it is that primary caregivers take breaks. Our at-home respite care service provides the necessary support, ensuring your loved one receives continuous care and support while primary caregivers recharge.

A cheerful respite caregiver with a radiant smile is greeted at the door by an elderly lady. The caregiver, in a neat blue uniform with an ID badge, holds a binder and a black shoulder bag, signifying her professional preparedness. The elder lady, sporting a polka-dotted top, welcomes her into a home with a yellow door and decorative glass window, depicting a moment of friendly and supportive in-home respite care.
An elderly man with white hair and a joyful expression sits in a wheelchair, being attentively cared for by a specialist caregiver. The caregiver, a woman in a blue uniform, is seen from behind, placing a reassuring hand on the man’s shoulder, signifying compassionate and professional care. They are positioned by a window with a view of a green garden, reflecting a serene and supportive atmosphere.

Specialist Care

We specialise in Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Palliative care, End-of-life care, and more. Our condition-led specialist care provides professional, compassionate support tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs.

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