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Clarity Homecare​ Franchising Opportunities

Hi there,

Many thanks for your enquiry about the Clarity Homecare franchise opportunity. You should soon receive an email in your inbox, where you can download a copy of the Franchise Prospectus PDF. Below is the same link to the prospectus.

Download link:

Making the decision to run your own business is a brave and bold one however, with the support of a business-format franchise, this goal can be realised without feeling that you are doing it all alone.  It helps to have people around you who’ve already done it and, remember, that you don’t need experience of the sector as training is provided.

So as to start the process of letting you have more information about the Clarity Homecare business, I’m attaching our prospectus which I trust will give you a broader sense of what we do and how becoming a franchisee with us gives you an excellent opportunity to own and run your own business.

At this stage, you will likely want assurances regarding:

  • The size of the market you’re considering
  • Whether the business will be profitable and when
  • How much does the franchise cost?
  • What money will I need to have available to invest?
  • Is this the right sector for me?
  • Can I see myself enjoying this
  • What support will I get

We can certainly address all these and more.

Let me follow-up with you in a few days’ time once you’ve had the opportunity to review the information in the prospectus.  

If you have any questions in the meantime, please just let me know.