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It may simply be that you have a desire to own and operate you own business or, having needed care for a family member and felt there must be a better experience available, wanted to provide it yourself to meet the demand and provide that experience to your local community.

Whatever the reason that has led you this far in researching your own franchise business, let us tell you more about how a Clarity Homecare franchise can turn your aspirations into reality.

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Our Market

Well over 1.2 million older people living in the UK do not receive the social care they require. This is a 48% increase since 2010. Age UK’s analysis finds that at least 383,900 more people aged 65 or over are now living with some level of unmet need.

More About Our Model

We are a family owned business where the ethos is to provide care in the way we would like our family, or indeed ourselves, to be looked after in years to come. We deliver in excess of 15,000 visits per week.

We provide a wide range of personal, domestic, rehabilitation and social care services to enhance the lives of people living at home, as well as agency staff for the NHS, Nursing & Residential Homes.

Clarity Homecare - Franchise Support Office

Your Territory

We are looking to establish Franchises throughout the UK. The benefit of a franchise is partnering with a national brand and benefitting from their support and experience to follow a model that lets you profitably deliver homecare to your local market by a locally owned and operated team.

Training & Support

Previous experience of the care sector is certainly useful however comprehensive training will be provided across the range of services that we offer.

We will also offer support and guidance on recruiting and training the qualified staff that you will need to operate your own care business.

Clarity Homecare - Franchise Support Office Location

Franchise Fee

The cost of our Franchise is £28,000 +VAT. In addition, you will need a working capital requirement of around £20,000 – £60,000 subject to your circumstances which will support a ‘turnkey’ franchise.

We are known to all the main banks lending to the franchise sector who should support a potential franchisee with up to 50% of the overall investment, subject to status. We can help provide business plan and financial forecasting support.

Frequently Asked Questions?

A model that allows people the opportunity to realise their aspiration of owning and running their own business without having to come up with their own idea and question whether it will work and be profitable.
We award a franchise licence to those who are able to demonstrate the qualities, financial requirements and drive to replicate our success in an available territory ideally in an area you know well.
We provide a wide range of personal, domestic, rehabilitation and social care services to enhance the lives of people living at home, as well as agency staff for the NHS, Nursing & Residential Homes.
As we offer both an owner/operator and management-style franchise it means if you don’t have experience of the sector, we can support that model. With our support, you will recruit a Registered Manager (if required) who in turn can recruit the carer and office team.
Your responsibility as franchisee is being able to manage, value and retain teams, ensure successful operating procedures are followed, increase awareness of the Clarity Homecare brand in your territory through strong marketing, proactive engagement and networking with prospective customers and stakeholders and have a desire and resilience to succeed in owning your own business.
Not at all, we provide support in both those areas. We provide a turn-key start-up that makes it straight-forward for you to know at what stage everything is during the on-boarding process and lets you focus on your recruiting your care team, sourcing new care packages, marketing and training.
We strongly believe that we have an extremely viable operational model that stands-up to investment scrutiny. Our unique business model provides the best of both worlds: a robust menu of services that create an unmatched experience for customers while providing multiple revenue streams for an office that, with strong margins, helps maximise profits for Franchisees.
For the avoidance of doubt ‘exclusive’ means that, providing performance standards are being maintained, another franchise will not be awarded in the territory or the franchisor will not open a company-owned office within your allocated territory. You may actively market your business within your territory although this should not pro-actively extend beyond your boundaries although it may well prove cost effective to undertake joint marketing initiatives with your neighbouring Franchisee.
On the basis you believe that, in principle, you are in a financial position to proceed, the best option would be to either call for a further discussion or arrange a time to meet at a convenient location.

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