Domestic Assistance

Extra help with the household chores

We know how important it is to our care recipients and their families for them to enjoy life in their own home. Everyone takes pride in how their homes look and present. Jobs round the house that many of us take for granted, take on an extra level of difficulty when mobility and dexterity are not what they once were.

Being realistic, it can be difficult for your loved-one to keep on top of their daily household chores and we realise that many people will need assistance with these home help tasks. We want customers to use their time doing what they love and enjoy. As this resonates strongly with customer’s families, it’s not surprising there is considerable demand for support in this area and why we offer such a trusted domestic help service.

Rather than worrying about your family member not being able to manage certain domestic chores, we can work with you when compiling the care plan to ensure sufficient time can be allocated for the jobs where help is needed.

You may want to consider our help with vacuuming the home, a thorough deep clean, doing the laundry, ironing, meal-time preparation, washing up and so on.

Book a complimentary consultation and assessment with your local office to learn more about how we can help provide the tailored service you’d like for your loved-one in their own home.

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