Dementia Care

Coping with making changes to everyday life

The impact on you and your loved one receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be very daunting. The diagnosis will inevitably lead to many questions (what next?, how will we cope?, what care requirements will we need?) which will result in a need to re-evaluate aspects of your loved-one’s everyday life that are taken for granted.

As Dementia is a disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease, the effects for those with the illness can be significant. The symptoms typically become noticeable through memory disorders, personality changes and impaired reasoning. What’s most challenging is that these symptoms must be managed by the family rather than the individual who may be, at least initially, unaware of their change in circumstances.

This can make initiating a conversation about the need for care challenging for both parties.

We have the experience and training to be able to help provide a routine that is so essential. As dementia can affect day-to-day memory and orientation, having such a routine in place is very important.

To support families going through this ‘journey’ with their loved-one, we provide trained and experienced carers to help maintain our service user’s quality of life while remaining in their own home. We strongly believe that seeing a friendly and familiar face on every visit is essential and we can work with you to ensure the routines are incorporated into a bespoke dementia care plan that can be routinely followed.

There are aspects of daily life that you may wish to consider when having an initial discussion with your family member. These can be included in the care plan and examples include reminders to take medicines and helping manage symptoms, support with taking a shower or bathing, getting dressed, catheter care and continence management to maintain their dignity and comfort, establish a regular exercise routine, making sure they have balanced diet and support with routine household chores and shopping.

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