In depth guidelines for handling stress – blog 4

For our fourth blog in the Stress Awareness Month series, we want to take a more in depth look into what stress is and provide you with more detailed guidelines for how to help. We want you to feel eq...


How to support the elderly with stress – blog 3

For the third blog in our series for Stress Awareness Month, we are focussing on our service users, looking at the stress they suffer from and how to support them. Everyone experiences stress, from al...


Dealing with stress as a care worker – blog 2

Continuing with our blog series for Stress Awareness Month, we want to look closer at stress in the workplace and to acknowledge and appreciate the stress that our care workers endure for their job. I...


What is Parkinson’s Disease? / World Parkinson’s Awareness Week

Parkinsons cover

Many of us will have heard of Parkinson’s Disease, but we might not necessarily know what it is or understand what it means for the people who have it. As it’s World Parkinson’s Week, it is the perfec...


Stress Awareness Month: Spotting the Signs of Stress – blog 1 of series

emma-simpson-mNGaaLeWEp0-unsplash (1)

  Everyone has experienced some form of stress in their lifetime, whether it’s been mild or severe. April is Stress Awareness Month, which has been held every year since 1992. It aims to raise fu...


How to protect against coronavirus covid 19


What You Need To Do To Stay Safe ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS Coronavirus Advice Guidelines: Always wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly for at least 20 seconds Stay at...