Live-In Care Explained: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re recovering from an accident or injury, have received a medical diagnosis or simply find that old age is catching up with you, sometimes the moment comes when you need a bit of extra care and support to help you cope. And if you would rather stay in the familiar surroundings of your own home and community, then live-in care could be the preferred solution. But just what is live-in care, how does it work and how does it differ from a residential option?

You’ll find answers to all of these questions and more below, including details on exactly how live-in care works and why it might be the best solution, no matter why you’ve decided now’s the time for a bit of extra support in your home

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in care, also known as 24-hour care, involves a carer living in your home to help you maintain your independence whilst receiving around-the-clock support. Live-in care is a great alternative to residential care, as it allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home. Receiving live-in care in your regular surroundings, with your friends and family incorporated into your plan keeps a continuity to life. This also eliminates the stress and anxiety of moving into a care home. Live-in care can give you the support you need tailoring it to your requirements at the point that you need it.

How does Live-in care work?

Live-in carers can support you with a wide range of everyday tasks, including cleaning, cooking, shopping, managing finances as well as offering personal care. As the carer is residing with you in your home, they are available to support you with your specific needs at any time. Our care professionals also offer support, companionship and reassurance as and when you need it. Our dedicated, compassionate care assistants can also ensure that you take any necessary medication whilst also collecting or organising the delivery of your prescriptions. This ensures you have everything you require to maintain a high standard of health and well-being.

The benefits of live-in care

One of the significant benefits of having a live-in carer to support you around your home is the help they can offer you to achieve everyday tasks and chores. Having live-in carers can also offer other advantages, for example you’ll be able to enjoy the emotional benefits of regular company and having someone to talk to and rely on. Often, live-in carers can accompany you on social outings, which can be essential for providing friendly and comforting companionship during lonelier times. This crucial support can have a positive impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of people, especially those who are in the later stages of life.

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