As your loved one grows older and less able, the need for additional care will naturally increase, no matter how healthy they have been throughout the earlier part of their lives. Bespoke home care can greatly improve the well-being of your loved one, allowing them to continue making the most of their later years by enabling them to continue to live in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. 

To get the most out of care at home you should ensure that the care agency that you choose provides your loved one with a fully bespoke home care plan. However, many Homecare companies do not provide this. 

We have listed below the 3 main benefits of having a customised, person-centred care plan that is tailored to your loved one’s needs.

  1. Personalisation

It goes without saying, but every individual is unique, so it makes sense that their day-to-day needs will vary too. This is why bespoke elderly homecare is the best way forward when your loved one needs extra support at home. It’s important for all parties involved to think carefully and to discuss what the person receiving the help actually requires. Only then can you ensure that your loved one’s needs will actually be met and you are getting the most out of the service. 

  1. Flexibility

Bespoke elderly care plans should be reviewed frequently and offer flexibility based on the service user’s current requirements. Requirements will likely change in our later years so it is important that care plans are also adjusted regularly. After all, everyone is unique and requires different support at different stages of their lives so it is important that a care plan fits around the individual, not the other way around.

  1. Versatility

Finally, bespoke care plans can include anything that your loved one might need, from shopping and cleaning to assistance with getting washed and dressed, and much more. A good homecare agency should not only be able to provide assistance with personal care, but they should also be able to provide medication assistance, social outings, domestic services, meal preparation, respite care, 24-hour live-in care, companionship, even help with walking the dog or feeding the cat. Even more intense services such as Dementia care and end-of-life care can be catered for. Whenever you are choosing a homecare provider, be sure to check that they are a versatile company that can offer a wide range of homecare services, not just basic personal care. 

At Clarity Homecare, we create bespoke home care plans that are as unique as our service users are themselves – this ensures that we are providing the best possible support. 

Give us a call if you would like to arrange a complimentary care assessment to see how we can help your loved one. Our team are available to provide any further information that you may require.

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