Sign Language Week 2023

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  13th-17th March 2023 was Sign Language Week and we decided to share some simple phrases that could help aid in communication between speaking and British Sign Language (BSL) users. Did you know...


Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023

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  The UK’s 11th Nutrition and Hydration Week held on 13th – 19th March is an annual event that helps raise awareness, share tips and remind people as to why good nutrition and hydration is so imp...


Big Energy Saving Week – 16th – 22nd January 2023

  It’s Big Energy Saving Week and we’re going to be sharing some tips so that you can try out some easy ways to save energy and money – especially when energy prices are rising. We do more than h...


Dementia Awareness Week – getting a diagnosis

It’s Dementia Awareness Week and this year’s theme is diagnosis. Dementia affects so many of us and those people not getting diagnosed are missing out on support systems. Our blog hopes to relive the ...


Dementia Awareness Week, 16th – 22nd May 2022

This week, from 16th-22nd May, is Dementia Awareness Week. The event is run annually by the Alzheimer’s Society and this year’s theme is diagnosis. Dementia affects so many of us, with 34.5 million pe...


Mental Health Awareness Week

From 9th-15th May, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme this year is loneliness. A large amount of us in the UK are being affected by loneliness, which can affect both our mental and physical ...


National Walking Month – #WalkThisMay

It’s National Walking Month, where we are all encouraged to be more active through walking, whether it’s something we already do frequently or would be taking up a new hobby. It’s also a great time of...


Deaf Awareness Week: Supporting the Deaf Community

One in five adults in the UK is deaf or has hearing loss, meaning 12 million people in the UK are affected. The communication struggles caused by deafness can result in feelings of frustration, loneli...


What is Parkinson’s Disease? / World Parkinson’s Awareness Week

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Many of us will have heard of Parkinson’s Disease, but we might not necessarily know what it is or understand what it means for the people who have it. As it’s World Parkinson’s Week, it is the perfec...


Stress Awareness Month: Spotting the Signs of Stress – blog 1 of series

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  Everyone has experienced some form of stress in their lifetime, whether it’s been mild or severe. April is Stress Awareness Month, which has been held every year since 1992. It aims to raise fu...