Should my parent be living alone with Dementia?

The outline of a brain with dementia drawn on craft paper by family deciding whether their parent needs home care

Assessing the Need for Home Care When Parents Have Dementia: Can They Live Independently? A dementia diagnosis for a parent or loved one can be an unsettling experience, triggering a wave of questions...


Managing Dementia-Related Memory Loss with At-Home Care

An old women with dementia and her care worker smiling at her

According to the NHS, one in fourteen Brits over the age of 65 are living with dementia. One of the most common symptoms of the condition is memory loss. Memory loss can affect people in different way...


Dementia UK’s Time For A Cuppa Week 2023

Two friends having a coffee and talking about dementia

Did you know, over 944,000 people in the UK are affected by the condition? (Dementia UK, 2023)   This week is Dementia UK’s, Time For A Cuppa Week, where they encourage everyone to hold an annual...


How To Look After Your Relative With Dementia

A family member holding hands with a loved one who has dementia
Taking care of a family member with Dementia can be difficult. However, there are many ways that you can help, including home care which can make the process easier for everyone involved.


How to support someone with Dementia

For our third blog in our Dementia Awareness series we want to highlight how to support someone with dementia. Dementia can make someone feel confused, scared and uncomfortable in their own home, so a...