Should my parent be living alone with Dementia?

The outline of a brain with dementia drawn on craft paper by family deciding whether their parent needs home care

Assessing the Need for Home Care When Parents Have Dementia: Can They Live Independently? A dementia diagnosis for a parent or loved one can be an unsettling experience, triggering a wave of questions...


How Home care services can be tailored to your needs

A service user happy after getting domiciliary care tailored to her needs alongside her husband and care worker

Receiving personal care at home  allows you to maintain your independence whilst still receiving the highest standard of care, support, and companionship. Professional carers can support you in a vari...


Supporting yourself & your parent: Don’t go through it alone

An elderly mother and daughter embracing after looking at options for care at home

Home Care is a great option for a loved one who needs additional support with the tasks that arise during day to day life. Homecare professionals can provide care services directly to individuals with...


Advantages Of Home Care: Seek Support On Your Own Terms

A care worker giving one of their service users a meal, as he supports him in day-to-day life on his own terms.

As you get older or if you encounter reduced mobility, your need for support might increases. It may not be as easy to do things for yourself as it once was, so it’s reassuring to know that there is s...


Managing Your Chronic Health Conditions At Home

An elderly woman using her walker to get some exercise and help manage her chronic health condition
If you are suffering from a serious health condition, debilitating or otherwise, you may be struggling with everyday tasks which are now causing you pain or fatigue. Chronic health conditions in older adults are fairly common, and while getting support from a carer, family, or friends for your needs is the most sought-after option.