As you get older or if you encounter reduced mobility, your need for support might increases. It may not be as easy to do things for yourself as it once was, so it’s reassuring to know that there is support available that can be tailored to your needs at home.

You may find that you need help with everyday tasks to ensure you are comfortable and content. Many of us would much rather stay in the comfort of our  own home and access home care support  that allows us to continue living independently.

Staying in your own home, with its familiar surroundings and anchored in your own community can have major advantages. And, with the right kind of support, it’s possible to create a care plan that meets all your needs and fits within your routine. With a good Care at home service you can receive care entirely on your own terms. You can have a fully customised care plan that is completely unique to your needs.

Below, we have included some information regarding the Care Services that Clarity Homecare can offer. Here we outline some of the key benefits of home care.

Medication Assistance

Managing your medication can get confusing. Medication is often required to help you manage your overall health and to keep on top of a wide range of health conditions. Of course, this all relies on taking your medications at the correct times.

Organising collection or delivery of prescriptions can also be a bit of chore. A carer will help you organise and manage your medication, ensuring you have enough in stock and that it is being taken at the correct times each day to help you maintain good health.

Personal Care

Looking after yourself can present challenges as you get older, everyday tasks that help you maintain an adequate level of personal care can often become more difficult. This includes bathing or washing and hygiene routines, general cleaning, laundry, and more. Having a trusted and reliable helping hand to assist you with this can be very important, but even more so when receiving care in your own home. Our Care Professionals are trained to make you feel  comfortable,  at ease and to protect your personal dignity at all times.. With care at home, you can continue do all of these things in your own private space where you feel most secure.

Domestic Duties

Dealing with household duties such as cleaning, tidying, washing and vacuuming can become riskier and more tiresome as you develop in life. Therefore, having additional support from a compassionate Clarity Homecare care professional can ensure that your home is kept clean and tidy without you having to worry.


Eating healthily and ensuring your body is getting enough of the right nutrition is important at any age, especially as you get older. Carers can aid you with healthy eating by ensuring you maintain a balanced diet. This could be in the form of cooking for and with you, helping you with shopping or collecting your groceries.

Specialist Support

Your in-home carer can assist with specific health conditions such as dementia, mobility struggles, recurring illness, and more. These changes can daunting so having support to help you address the issues and meet the challenges can be really reassuring. When receiving services from Clarity Homecare you can be confident that your support is expertly delivered, and will be adapted should things change.

As well as this level of specialist support, at-home carers can also provide valuable companionship and offer positive relationships that are very beneficial for overall health.

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You can find more information on our care services here.

Alternatively, if you are an experienced carer or someone looking to begin your journey as a Care Assistant, you can browse our job vacancies here.


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