About us

Our goal is to ensure your family member can enjoy life in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home

Our history

At Clarity Homecare we have an ever-growing network of offices throughout the UK. Each office delivers high quality care services in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of our customer’s own homes who are either privately funded, referred on behalf of Local Authorities or from the NHS.

Our senior management team have been working in care for over 26 years and have developed safe, stringent and robust policies and procedures to deliver large volumes of care across huge areas of the UK, safely, effectively and with quality care at their core.

Our vision

To ensure that all care recipients are treated with respect in their own home enabling them to keep their independence whilst ensuring they are safe and cared for all times. That our customer’s values and needs are the central focus of the care plan. To be known as a quality employer recruiting Carers from the local markets to support adults within the community, ensuring social interaction is at the heart of our service delivery.

Our commitment

All our offices are regulated by the Regulatory Body for that country.  For England, this is the Care Quality Commission (CQC) www.cqc.org.uk.  Along with monitoring internally to ensure our own high service standards are maintained, we welcome the opportunity for the CQC to review our practices, procedures and feedback from customers and Carers.  We let you have insight into their findings easily through their reports which (when published) are made available on our individual office microsite page.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We will work in conjunction with care recipients, their relatives and other social and healthcare agencies to understand the specific needs/requirements.
  • We will review the care plan at regular intervals ensuring any changing needs are met promptly.
  • We offer a 24-hour service which ensures we can respond immediately or where necessary alert relevant agencies.
  • We will always obtain the care recipient’s consent (or their nominated individual if they don’t have capacity) before disclosing any confidential data.
  • We will promote equal opportunities and offer ongoing training and support ensuring our entire workforce are kept up to date with current legislation.
  • Religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of all staff and customers alike will be respected at all times.
  • Continuity of Carers and timeslot is afforded all care recipients returning from hospital regardless of ailment or injury.
  • We strive to extend the time and enhance the quality of life for our customers enabling them to remain in their own home as long as is possibly feasible.

Find a career in home care

Make a difference as a Carer – it can be so rewarding! Being able to let people live their life at home, the way they want to for longer is so valuable. 

Care services at home

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